About this site

  • What's the point of irishsessions.ch? +

    If this were Galway or Dublin, one could  stumble into any bar any night of the week and find a raging trad session in progress. Around here, they are a tad more scarce. You'd be lucky to find one posted on a pub's website, or rumors whispered via social media or word of mouth. Unless you already have an idea where to look, it can be hard to find one. We try to change that by providing a comprehensive, up-to-date list of Irish sessions in Switzerland.

  • What is a "session"? +

    session noun /'seʃn/

    Informal gathering of musicians in a pub to play traditional Irish music.

  • What kinds of events are you listing? +

    While sessions are our main focus, we will list everything related to traditional Irish (or more generally "celtic") folk music happening in Switzerland – céili dances, workshops, concerts and festivals.

  • Can you help promote my event? +

    Sure! Just fill out our event submission form.

  • I manage this cool pub, can you do a session? +


  • I love Irish music, will you play at my wedding / barn raising / corporate event? +

    Not likely. Playing in a session is very different from performing for an audience. You're probably better served by booking one of the many bands in Switzerland.

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